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Watcher United

Watcher United

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Seth, one half of an unbreakable duo with Phoenix, faces upheaval as their strong bond shatters. Now, he must rediscover his values and navigate love's complexities beyond physical strength. Meanwhile, Thea, an angel seeking more from life, inadvertently causes a rift between the Egyptian twins when her attempts at building a life with one brother go awry. As their relationships falter, Thea must grasp the lessons of life, love, and family to find her way forward. 

Main Tropes

  • Accidental Pregnancy
  • Reforming the Rake
  • Alpha Hero


The Egyptian twins. Seth was one half of something great. He and Phoenix were unshakeable—unbreakable. But when the foundation of that life crumbles, Seth is forced to reevaluate everything he thought he knew about: relationships, values, self-image, and scariest of all . . . love. With all eyes on the hulking warrior to step up, Seth must prove that his mighty strength isn't only physical.

Thea might be an angel, but that doesn’t mean her life is perfect—or that she is. She wants more than a celestial life of servitude, so what was so wrong with seducing a warrior she cares about in hopes of building a life with him? Um… accidentally seducing his twin brother by mistake. When her actions divide the Egyptian twins relationship even further, Thea must learn the ways of life, love, and family, in order to survive.

Intro Into Chapter One

Seth flicked his Bic and tossed the lighter onto the
heap of black and nasty. He and his brothers were far enough into the woods of
the Don Valley that anyone who happened to be out at four a.m. would simply
think that three dudes were rocking an illegal bonfire. As an ode to dead
daemon singed his nostrils, he sighed. This knot of Leviathans was
exceptionally fierce and, sad to say, one of the toughest battles they’d fought
to date.

It seemed the enemy upped their game.

With his bones aching and his hemoglobin leaking out
of his side, right leg, and left pec, he limped over to Bo and Brennus. “You
okay, Celt? Viking, you good?”

His brothers gave him a grunt and a nod. He took that
as his cue to stagger to a patch of mossy ground and collapse. Closing his
eyes, he tried to block out the incessant hum of wasps rattling around in his
head. He’d never really been a migraine guy, but lately, he’d had more than a

He’d tried everything to get it the hell gone: sleep,
booze, meditation, human painkillers. Next on the list was a lobotomy, and if
that didn’t work, he’d go full decapitation.

The worst part? The throbbing got worse when his blood
got pumpin’, so sex and fighting nearly brought him to his knees. Not enjoying
his two favorite pastimes really pissed him off—like, seriously—Pissed. Him.

Bo lit up and sucked in a lungful of sweet-scented
sedation. “You coming to the house for food before you crash?”

Since the two of them both lived in Zander’s massive
country-styled home, Seth figured the question was aimed at him. “Nah. I’m
meeting up with a waitress from the Rum after she finishes closing up the bar.”

Brennus rolled to his feet and started corralling
discarded red-metaled weapons into a pile. “Ye cannae avoid yer twin forever,
brother. If ye lived the lifespan of a human, maybe then, but centuries and
millennia will drag on if ye don’t bury the hatchet.”

“And when he says bury the hatchet,” Bo said, exhaling
a cloud of blue smoke, “he doesn’t mean in Phoenix’s chest.”

Though, the idea held merit.

Part of him wanted to ask about Phoenix and his new
wife. He’d met the female twice, and she seemed to care. He hoped it worked
out—he did. He just didn’t think it would.

Storme was a witch. And witches be bitches.

Always. End. Of.

Seth forced himself onto his knees and got his Docs
planted firmly in the crushed grass. After the world took a tipsy-topsy spin,
things eventually came back into focus.

He glanced down at the hole in his side and the gash
across his pec. Things were improving, just not at his usual heavenly healing
rate. Fucking Shedim weapons.

Limping over to his duffle, he pulled out the metal
detector Z forced them all to carry now as SOP. He flipped it on and pointed it
at himself. When the readings came back at him with a whole lotta nothing, he
figured he’d skip the visit to the clinic.

Doc Drina wouldn’t do anything different.

Secure in his self-diagnosis of being red-metal-free,
he pointed the detector out to the world and helped with cleanup. He had no
idea how many of these weapons they’d recovered over the past year, but by
Cassi’s account of what she saw in Gregor’s lair, they had a loooong way
to go.

When Bo finished his smoke, he grabbed a pair of
gloves from the duffle and shoved the weapons into a canvas bag. When that was
done, and everyone was confident they’d found them all, they said goodnight.

Seth watched his brothers dematerialize and headed
back to the patch of newly-scorched earth. That charred mess of what used to be
part of Gregor’s mutated Serpentine army was all he had to show for his night.

He used to think that was more than enough, back when
he had a brother to head home with. Now, his life consisted of an empty
apartment and a splitting headache.

Fuck the upgrade.

* * *

Kyrian tracked his wife’s scent down the hall of the
three-storey mansion he’d rented and let the thrill of the chase feed his
beast’s desire. Technically, it might be cheating to use his heightened
Otherworld senses, but given that both of them had the ability, he didn’t think
it broke any rules.

Besides, drawing Cassi’s arousal and excitement into
his lungs only made him burn hotter to claim his prize. “It’s two wins each,
sweetheart. This is the deciding round.”

He could play hide-and-seek with her for the rest of
his life and die a happy man. He glanced in a third-floor bathroom as he
counted down his time. He had to admit, with his ebony wings and wearing only
the leather dom briefs she bought from some BDSM shop on Queen Street, he
looked and felt fucking badass. And that was before factoring in the puncture
marks on his neck and the scratches on his back and shoulders.

This sexual staycation thing was happening on the

Done deal.

A timer on the second floor rang off a two-minute
warning and he got serious. The prize awarded for a win was a session of sexual
carte blanche.

Needless to say, they both wanted to win.

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