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Watcher Unfeigned

Watcher Unfeigned

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Brennus, an ancient Celt, believes his sexual preference exempts him from Nephilim mating complications, but a mistake reveals his misunderstanding of love. Colton Creed, a formidable Ice Demon and police detective, faces life's darkest elements without surprise. Unexpectedly, an ancient ice god's choice brings them together, challenging Brennus to fight for their shared love, and forcing Colton to confront the possibility of being truly loved for the first time. 

Main Tropes

  • M/M
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Secret/Lost Heir


Brennus, the ancient Celt, is living the life he loves, thankful that his sexual preference gives him a pass on the whole Nephilim mating madness his brothers have gone through with their wives. His mistake is thinking Lady Divinity defines love. His reward is finding out what true courage is—fighting to save the life and love you share with another.

Colton Creed, Ice Demon, Toronto police detective, all-around badass. He’s seen the worst the realms has to offer and few things surprise him: not the betrayal of family, not the greed and depravity of power hungry leaders, not the ‘every man for himself’ approach to survival. But when an ancient ice god chooses him as a vessel, the last thing he expects is for Brennus to risk everything for him—him, a deplorable demon who no one has ever loved.

Until now.

Intro Into Chapter One

A fine line separated a deeply concerned
friend-with-benefits from an obsessed stalker. Brennus feared he pole-vaulted
over that line with Colton Creed weeks ago. Was he dead? Had feeding from him
killed the cop? Was he suffering somewhere, alone and in trouble? Had his
Seraph side poisoned him?

“Stay the fuck away from me, Celt.” The cerulean blue of Colt’s glowing eyes haunted
him in both his waking hours and his sleep. He felt the piercing bite of his
extended fangs in his throat, the desperate pull on his vein as the guy groaned
against his neck.

How could they have gone from savage good sex to the
cop falling off the face of the earth one moment later?

No forwarding address. No calls returned.

He took an indefinite leave at the police station.

His cousin had no idea where he was—or wasn’t telling.

Members of the Darkworld knew better than to feed off
Nephilim. Brennus was born of a human woman and an Archangel asshole. What ran
in his veins was caustic to daemons nine times outta ten. It was acid—poison.

But there had been no stopping him.

After Colt delivered on his promise of a mind-numbing
blowjob, he lunged at him more demon than man. Brennus ass-planted in that
alley with the cop on top of him and the male’s canines punctured his flesh.

He protested, pushing at the male’s chest, but who was
he kidding—the two of them got off on the danger of the forbidden. They were
nitroglycerine and an earthquake.

Colt didn’t heed the danger, grinding on him, feeding
in gluttonous pulls. The male was nothing but sex.

Nothing but need.

And Sweet Lady forgive him, Brennus lost his mind as
well. He should’ve fought harder and thrown the male against the next building
for his own good. Instead, he got the male’s pants open and stroked him off.

He thought they were all right when the cop shuddered,
coming in violent waves. Not once, not twice, but in multiple convulsions of a
sticky cum that chilled Brennus’s skin and smelled like a heady musk.

The unique scent woke something sexy inside him.

Then shit went sideways. Colt leapt to his feet,
covered in blood and cum and filth from rolling on the ground in that alley. He
looked feral. “Stay the fuck away from me, Celt.”

Brennus tipped back his flask and took a solid swig.
He really needed to slow down on the liquid sedation, but he was right close to
being out of his head with worry.

He hadn’t seen the male since that night. Not for lack
of trying. The Ice Demon was just gone. Vapor.

What if his blood did poison him? What if the
daemon overtook the male and he was still feral somewhere? He honestly didn’t
know what went wrong or how to make it right.

“Celt?” Seth’s voice came through his earpiece. “You
still with us, my brother?”

Brennus got his head back into the game and finished
the energy sweep of the abandoned warehouse. The metal and glass structure was
cavernous, but they only used an area at the back, so the job was simple.

When life, human or Otherworld, came to a truly
violent and horrible end, it left a negative imprint of energy. That tended to
draw more ill-meaning Darkworlders and malicious intent—a siren’s call of the
residual power. That bad juju needed clearing up before they walked away, or
they’d end up with another slaughter on their hands.

“All clear, Egyptian. We’re good to shut this one

Brennus shut off his Otherworld gift and retreated to
where the twins waited for him out by the road. After a mass killing of
Darkworlders a few weeks ago, they assembled the bodies of the victims in this
warehouse to allow families of missing daemons to identify the salvaged

Unfortunately, without heads, nailing down the
identities of the victims became more of a guessing game than a science. If
they didn’t get these bad guys soon, they’d need a forensic scientist on the

“All the evil mojo clear?” Seth sipped at the rim of
Tim’s cup as he joined them.

The Egyptian twins created an impressive sight.
Physically identical, the two massive warriors, with their skull-trimmed hair,
ebony wings, and their red leather trenches and boots were something to behold.

Massive and muscled, these mountains of their garrison
gave any troublemakers pause.

“Aye,” Brennus said, falling into step as they made
their way back to the busier city streets to patrol. “We were lucky Gheil put
us in touch with a Necromancer Shade that could consume the tainted energy.”

Seth shook out his empty cup and stuffed it into the
long pocket at his hip until they found a street side garbage can. “We wouldn’t
have to go through the Djinn Master for a cleanup if the cop wasn’t AWOL. Where
the fuck is Colt?”

Brennus shrugged, nausea churning in his gut. “I wish
I knew. I honestly wish I knew.”

Phoenix lifted his hands and started signing. Hey,
if you guys have things nailed down, I’d like to head over to the hotel and
escort Storme home.

Brennus’s mood lifted at the mention of visiting
Storme at work. Phoenix’s wife was finishing off the details for the grand
opening of the newest location of the boutique, Queen Hotel. After inheriting
the business from her batshit mentor and then marrying Phoenix, she relocated
the head office to the heart of Toronto. The lass was pulling long hours to
ensure success . . . and so was her lovely assistant, Jack.

“Aye, that’s a fine idea, Phoenix. Let us tag along to
see the progress.” Brennus changed their direction, not about to take no for an
answer. “Then yer brother and I will get back to keepin’ the streets safe for
the innocents of mankind, and you can see your fair lady safe home.”

Seth raised a dark brow, but for once in his life,
kept his mouth clamped shut.

Well, would wonders never cease?

Seth found his off button.

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