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Watcher Exposed

Watcher Exposed

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Taharqa, watching his warrior brothers find mates, commits fully when his destined partner becomes the guardian for his little brother. Despite celestial challenges, he's determined to keep Ren by his side. Ren, a Cherub of the Lightworld, carries realism rather than bitterness, but her self-image changes when tasked with guarding Ringo on Earth. Hark's passionate pursuit challenges her insecurities and trust, leading her to question why he would choose her over others. 

Main Tropes

  • Curvy Girl
  • Fated Mates
  • Military


Taharqa watched each of his warrior brothers pair off with their mates, so when his fated other half shows up as the goddess-appointed guardian for his little brother, he's all-in from the start. Despite obstacles coming at them from Heaven and Hell, there's no way he'll let Ren get away. She is his. He just needs to convince her of that.

Ren isn’t jaded—she’s realistic. She knows she’s smart and gifted in the arts—that comes with being a Cherub of the Lightworld. But what also comes with being a Cherub—being a curvy girl who gets overlooked by men. When Lady Divinity tasks her to go to the Earth realm to watch over young Ringo, her understanding of everything she thought she knew turns upside down. How can Hark, a magnificent warrior of the Watchers, want her over the beauties who throw themselves at him? Can she trust his passions and believe his promises?

Intro Into Chapter One

“Three Nephilim bastards, an Ice Demon, and a Dragon
Shifter enter a party carrying the dismembered head of a Rugaru conspirator.”
Seth held up the aforementioned head and black ichor glopped onto the grass at
the back of the Queen Hotel. “Sounds like the opening line of one helluva

Taharqa rolled his eyes at the Egyptian and took
possession of the decapitated head. “Stashing this in Storme’s hotel, during
her grand opening gala, is a bad idea.”

Seth gave him a well-duh stare and frowned. “We’re
late, Hark. Where do you suggest we stash it?”

“We dinnae stash it at all.” Brennus grabbed the wiry
hair of the dead demon and took possession of the prize. They’d finally got
high enough on the food chain of Red Metal Rebellion to take down the Rugaru
who mattered. They needed this head for the next stage of their plan. “I’ll
take the noggin to Tanek and—”

“—And leave me here all alone? You’re not going anywhere,
General,” Colt said, his eyes glowing with amusement. “If I have to smile at a
fancy dance, I sure as hell won’t be suffering on my own.”

“Ye’ll not be on yer own,” Brennus said, gesturing to
the rest of them standing around. “We’re really fecking late, and Storme’s
gonna tan our arses as it is.”

Colt Creed smiled at his new mate and waggled his
brow. “And as much fun as a good ass-tanning sounds, Celt, you’re right. We
need to get inside.” With a wave of his hand, the head disappeared, and the
argument ended. “Someone warn Tanek that there’s a Rugaru head on the loading
dock off the kitchen. I’d hate for Stetson to find it first.”

Hark could just imagine Austin’s guide dog traipsing
in from his walk with a Rugaru head in his mouth. Was it only in their lives
where shit like that happened?

Brennus bristled, his strong shoulders threatening to
split the seams of the black jacket he wore over his kilt. “We agreed ye
wouldnae use that bastard’s powers. We have no idea if it might strengthen his
hold on ye agin.”

Hark agreed. Colt using the unlimited and, so far,
untested powers of the Ice God, Avestaexa, unnerved him. The maniacal being who
possessed the cop was currently trapped and held at bay by an incredibly
powerful enchantment in his wedding ring, but things were too new to know if
that battle was truly won and over.

It gave them all the heebs when Colt accessed those
dark powers and did shit like that.

“First off,” Colt said, holding up a finger, “they are
my powers now. My existence merged with that asshole. What is done can’t
be undone. Second, I’m fine.”

Brennus shook his head, his fiery red hair flowing
free in the breeze of the night. “Dinnae challenge me on this.”

The smile that lit the cop’s face was waaaay
too sexual for mixed company. “How about you punish me later.” Colt’s eyes
flipped to a brilliant turquoise as all kind of energy shifted in the night
air. “In fact, I’ll make a list of all my transgressions, and—”

“Seriously?” Seth winced, and turning his head. “Damn,
Cop, just be our surly friend when we’re on the streets, ’kay? I don’t want
images of bondage and BDSM in my head.”

Wilder, one of the two dragon shifters to survive the
culling of their species, chuckled. He shrugged and his blond hair brushed the
lapel of his suit jacket. “I dunno, Egyptian. I think it’s hot as fuck to hear
them flirt.”

Seth huffed. “That’s because you’re just as depraved.
How many people are you with right now?”

Wilder snorted. “The same three as always. Don’t knock
it, Egyptian. Haven’t you ever had sex and wished you had more hands?”

Hark had nothing against four in a relationship, but
what did he know? Having never indulged in carnal pleasures one-on-one, he
couldn’t imagine how it worked with a group.

Not physically—he knew all the combinations and
possible ways bodies joined—but emotionally. The polyamorous love of four must
make it tough to keep everyone on an even playing field and happy. Add in that
each of the four came from different corners of the Otherworld, and it seemed

“What the fuck are you doing out here?” Zander stormed
through the glass door between the parking lot entrance and the back of the
hotel. His massive shoulders blocked off the entrance and filled the doorway.

Wow. Hark could count on one hand the times he’d seen Zander in a suit and
tie. There was no amount of woven silk that could hide the Sumerian’s
badassery, but it managed to transform him from looking the part of a brutal
assassin of the Choir to a dark and dangerous businessperson.

“Get yer tardy asses inside—fuck me—okay, wash the
blood off and then get your asses to the party. The wives are tipsy and
they all want to dance. Phoenix is on Storme’s arm for the night, that means
Kyrian, Danel, and I haven’t sat down. I expect the five of you on the dance
floor by the next change of song.”

The Sumerian turned on his polished heels and
disappeared back inside. The five of them followed like a line of naughty
miscreants who’d just been schooled by their big, bad principal.

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