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Rodeo Ranch

Rodeo Ranch

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Taylor Watts has the makings of a superstar steer roper. Will Logan's guidance be what Taylor needs to make it to the big leagues, or will his father's bullying crush Taylor and make him fail in his quest for stardom?

Main Tropes

  • Small Town Sheriff
  • Band of Brothers
  • Romantic Suspense


With their bull breeding operation in its infancy. Logan starts a school to teach and train young hopeful rodeo riders.

He loves teaching the kids and the school is a dream come true for Logan. The parents can cause more problems than the kids and he has to take steps to protect his students.

Complicating Logan's life even further, his new fiancé Darla insists on pulling him into the middle of planning their wedding.

Intro Into Chapter One

Sunday, September 27th.

McKenna Ranch.

CLAY called from Austin while Jacky and I were eating breakfast and told us the good news. I put my phone on speaker so Jack could hear too.

“I got great feedback from three different studios. They liked the CD and they’ll call me later in the week. I’m leaving Austin this morning and I’ll be home in time for dinner.”

“We’ll go to the Spur to celebrate,” said Jack.

“I’ve missed the Spur,” said Clay.

“It’s only been four days,” said Jack with a chuckle. “I’m sure there are lots of bars in Austin you could have tried.”

“No fun drinking without my brothers.”

“That’s a fact,” said Jack.

“Drive safely, Clay,” I said. “That’s a six hour drive. Stop a couple of times and take breaks.”

“Yeah, I’ll stop for lunch and rest my eyes. Can’t wait to get home.”

“He sounds homesick,” I said to Jack. “What’s going to happen if he has to go on tour or something like that?”

Jack shrugged. “Cross that bridge when we come to it, I guess. He wants a music career and touring around with your record or your band goes with it.”

I got up to refill my coffee mug and my cell rang. Not a number I recognized. “This is Logan McKenna.”

“Hi Logan. I hope I’m not bothering you on a Sunday, but I’m calling to see if you have room for me in your training schedule.”

“Umm… I’m just about filled up for the fall session and we’re starting tomorrow. What’s your name?”

“Taylor Watts.”

“Okay, Taylor, I’m putting you down, but you’re the last one in. You be here at nine in the morning with your horse and your gear.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll be there.”

“Do you need directions?”

“Nope. I’ll find your ranch. No problem.”

Jack glanced up from spreading jam on the last piece of toast. “Another student?”

“Last one I can take in this two-week session. Six at a time is all I can handle.”

“Yep, you’re gonna be busy for the next two weeks. I hope the cows don’t start coming in. That would really cramp us up.”

“I’ve got Doc Stiverson on call all this week. Once the first cows come in and we get a bit of experience we’ll have a better idea what we’re doing.”

“Makes me nervous,” said Jack. “Wish Daddy were here.”

“Me too. He’d be excited for this, but Clint’s good and he’ll help us. He’s got lots of experience with birthing foals.”

“That ain’t the same as bulls.” Jack shook his dark head.


“Yeah, I guess it’s close.”

“I’d better clean up the dishes and the kitchen and make an effort to clean up the rest of the house before Darla gets here.”

Jack groaned. “Is today one of those wedding planning days when all the two of you talk about is wedding stuff?”

“I don’t have too much to say about it, I mostly listen and nod my head. Her Daddy wants her to have a church wedding and I don’t mind. I do love Darla and want her for my wife.”

“But do you have to go through all that fancy wedding crap to get her?”

“I guess you could put it that way.”

“I am saying it. I’m glad I’m not getting married. Maybe I never will.” Jack grinned. “I’ll go catch up on my workout at the gym in Preston. Never know I might meet some good looking babe who has muscles bigger than mine.”

“That would be ugly, Jack.” I made a face picturing it in my head.

He laughed and ran off leaving me with all the cleanup to do by myself. 

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