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Rodeo Bride

Rodeo Bride

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As Logan and Darla's Thanksgiving wedding approaches, things heat up in Broken Spur as a crime wave sweeps through Preston County. Will Logan and his two best men, Clay and Jack, be able to pull it all together before the big day?

Main Tropes

  • Small Town Sheriff
  • Band of Brothers
  • Romantic Suspense


In the fourth book in the series the three McKenna brothers have all found the loves of their lives.

Logan will marry Darla on Thanksgiving and she will be moving to the McKenna ranch to live with her new husband.

Jack McKenna, the town sheriff is fixing up his farmhouse down the road for his love, Lauren, the town doctor.

Clay falls for a singer he meets in a music studio in Austin. A happy ending for all the boys.

Intro Into Chapter One

Sunday, November 8th.

McKenna Ranch.

I sat at the breakfast table with my brothers, Jack and Clay thinking about my wedding in three weeks. Yes, I wanted to marry Darla. I loved her with all my heart, but I couldn’t bear to think of things being different with my brothers, Jack and Clay.

Our Daddy left us this ranch and he wanted us to run it together. It was our heritage. In his honor we started raising bulls for the rodeo. Kenny McKenna was a champion bull rider and a household name in Texas. Our herd was well underway and with me being a rodeo rider myself, I knew all the right people.

When Darla moved in, would things be the same with me and my brothers? That was something I wasn’t sure of.

“What are you so deep in thought about, Logy?” asked Jack. “You’ve got an unhappy look on your face.”

“No, I’m happy. Three weeks from today I’ll be on my honeymoon.”

“Where y’all going? I forget,” said Clay.

My brother Clay was a quiet guy. A musician—songwriter and guitar picker—with a big career in front of him. 

“To a resort in Mexico. Darla picked it.”

“Hope you have fun.”

“I’m sure we’ll have fun and it’s only for a week. I don’t want to be away from the ranch any longer than that with bulls being born every couple of days.”

“We can handle it,” said Clay. “And Doc Stiverson is only a call away if we run into trouble.”

“Tomorrow we’re having our final fitting for the suits,” I reminded them. “Don’t forget.”

“What time?” asked Jack. “I’ll put it in my phone.”


“Okay.” Jack fiddled with his cell phone. He was much better at it than I would ever be. “Eleven. I’ve got it.”

“When is Sheriff Tucker coming back to work?”

“Next Monday. This is my last week of being the stand-in sheriff. Can’t wait for him to take over so I can work on my ranch. I’ve got so much work staring me in the face it’s sickening.”

“Won’t you miss being sheriff?” asked Clay.

“Hell no. I won’t. Running all over the county when somebody is missing a chicken or their neighbor is having a party and making too much noise. Now that I have a future with Lauren, I want to get my ranch fixed up and make the house livable. She wants that too. She can’t wait to move to the ranch and live in the country.”

“She’s so nice, Jack. I’m glad you have her.”

Jack chuckled. “Me too. I love her so much. I wish Daddy was here and I could tell him I was marrying a doctor. He’d piss himself.”

“He sure would.”

“What time are we leaving for the PBR?” asked Clay. “I have to stop in Preston and pick up Bonnie Sue.”

“Starts at one and Brownfield is about an hour away. Let’s leave at eleven.”

“You were amazing last night in the final, Logan. You’re winning every one of your events, hands down.”

I chuckled. My two brothers were my biggest fans. “Not for too much longer. I’m getting too old.”

“Nope,” said Clay. “Rowdy Butler is older than you by a few. You’ve got another five good years on the circuit.”

“Think so? I’m not so sure about that, Clay.”

“I’m sure. You’re in perfect shape, Logy, and you’re at the top of your game.”

“Some days I feel retirement creeping up on me.”

“Darla won’t want that. She’s your number one fan, and that’s how you met her. Don’t forget that. You’re marrying the president of your fan club.”

“I didn’t even know I had a fan club before I met Darla.”

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