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Rise from Ruin

Rise from Ruin

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From the moment we leave Flash and Lady Lark downstairs, I feel their absence. Logically, it makes no sense because Lukas wasn’t wrong. When I suggested that my brothers and I venture up here to awaken Alpha and Beta, I had every intention of procuring our freedom and leaving this bunker and everything it represents behind us.

But now, at least for the moment, that is not possible. And while I’d like to say that the only thing stopping us is the separation between us and Flash, the truth is my mind is very much taken up with concerns for our catalyst, Lady Lark, as well.

The four of us speak little as we race through the administrative space near the elevators and stride deeper into the fourth floor.

I can’t believe that it has been a mere eighty-three hours and seventeen minutes since Connor Mac and Lady Lark first engaged with us.

As we pass through the antechamber room where the five of us fought, I can’t help but replay that moment in my mind. Driven to survive and protect this bunker, I was ill-prepared for the potency of Lark’s blood on my lip. One drop of blood changed the course of everything we had known until that date.

No one can say now that we are defective.


More super smexy times. The distrust amongst the new guys and the old allies continues. Who can be trusted, who is working against Lark and her quint and getting everyone on the same page! Well, good luck with that. Can’t wait for the finale. - Amazon Reviewer


Continue reading Rise from Ruin if you like:

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Gritty Action
  • Fated Mates
  • Shifters
  • Fierce Protectors
  • Strong Female Heroines 

Main Tropes

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Fated Mates
  • Forced Proximity
  • Rescue Romance


The three have become the five.

As crazy as it sounds, I'm bound to three sexy, bioengineered super soldiers. In a moment of battle, with blood flying and passions heightened, Link, Shift, and Flash were not only freed from their stasis, their powers engaged. I am their catalyst.

I don't know what to think about that... Connor doesn't either.

With Shift imprinted on him and the three of them bound and bonded with me, it's a big mess. As the pull between the five of us grows stronger, Andras Brass and his army come at us, determined that the three never reach their full potential.

His first mistake was discounting them. His last mistake will be underestimating them.

Intro Into Chapter One

It’s said that in moments of extreme danger, your life flashes before your eyes. I’m not sure how dire that danger has to be because I’ve got nothing. With possibly twenty-six enemy super soldiers bearing down on us, my mental viewscreen is showing me nothing except the flashing lights of the bunker’s alarm and the worried faces of the seven men around me.
“How many?” Mac snaps, ejecting the magazine of his gun to check his ammunition.
“I have sixteen entering the warehouse up top,” Link says, his fingers dancing across the interface console. “Four standing guard. Twelve advancing.”
“So, only a dozen super soldiers closing in to kill us,” Lukas gripes. “And here I was, almost worried.” He fusses with his tactical watch, cursing, and then pulls out his phone. “Communications are down.”
Mac grunts, raking rough fingers through his russet hair as he watches the numbers of the elevator tick off as it’s called to the surface. Other than his free-flowing red waves hanging to his shoulders, Mac is all military might. He’s built and skilled and so damned confident in a crisis I’d actually believe he might not be afraid of anything.
“Wait! What about Alpha and Beta?” I ask, glancing at Flash. “They are still in their stasis cylinders on the fourth floor. How long would it take to power them up to help us?”
Flash frowns, his expression tightening as he tilts his head. “Power them up?”
I wince. “I’m sorry. That was insensitive. I meant to say activate them… you know, bring them online to help us.”
Lukas holds up a hand. “And before you do that, can we be certain they would even be on our side?”
Link throws Lukas a dirty look. “They would be on the side of surviving and working with us. I can’t say if that is on your side, but it is on ours.”
Flash lets off a throaty grumble at his brother. “We are all on the same side, Link. And to answer your question, my lovely, they will be quick to engage. Link has initiated their waking sequence.”
Lukas’ head swings around on a pivot, his eyes wide. “You did what?”
Link flicks his hand in the air, his attention still focused on the interface console. “Yes, I took the initiative to release our brothers from the torment of endless night. You’re welcome. They might be the added force needed to save your lives.”
Lukas doesn’t look like that makes him any less angry. Dune grips Lukas’ arm and gives it a squeeze. “That’s an argument for later, magic man. One we might not even have to worry about if we don’t get out of here.”
“They’re in the elevator,” Link says, his hands moving at a blurring speed.
All conversation stops as the elevator lets off a sing-songy bing and I jog over to see what’s happening. Two soldiers remain in the elevator car while ten exit onto the first floor and spread out.
“Are they looking for us?” I ask.
“Considering that they just opened those desk drawers, I’m going to say no,” Dune says.
We watch the monitor as the team spreads out and searches the floor before making their way back and gathering in the elevator once more.
The elevator mechanics hum in the shaft and the soldiers descend until the quiet bing signals their arrival on the second floor.
We watch as they repeat the same process. Ten soldiers spill out onto the third floor while two remain inside and secure the elevator.
That makes no sense to me. “If they’re not here for us, what are they searching for?”
Lukas frowns. “I think we’re likely on the list, but yeah, what else are they searching for?”
“And why stop one floor at a time? If we can tap into the feeds and see them, surely they can tap into the feeds from up top and see we’re down here.”
Shift nods. “Likely so, but if they come straight down to the fifth floor and we have someone on two or possibly three, we could slip past them and escape or double back.”
Mac nods. “Aye, maybe or maybe they’re after somethin’ besides us.”
Tundra leans in to look at the screen and frowns. “And by them sending a dozen soldiers to fetch it, I assume it’s important to them.”
“What could be here that they need?” I ask, glancing around at the three. They may never have ventured to the other floors in the decade since their creation, but they are linked into the server system for the bunker and might know.

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