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Honor Restored

Honor Restored

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When Creed comes into the suite, I’m bombarded with several waves of emotions in quick succession. The first wave, of course, is a rush of unfettered joy. I race forward and hug him, holding him tight. He’s safe. I’m safe. And from what Calli was telling me a moment ago, the woman standing here is his wife.

I ease back and swallow at the lump pressing up at the base of my throat.

That’s when I’m hit by the second wave of emotion.

Anger. Stepping back, I look at him and it hits me. He’s fine. He’s happy. No, he’s not just happy, he’s loving life while I’ve been suffering.

I was stuck in hell, fighting for my life and my sanity and he found the time to fall in love and get married?

“I have so much to tell you.” He squeezes my hands and then pulls me back into his arms. “Oh, but first… this is Nakeyla. I’m not sure if Calli told you or how much she’s told you yet, but once she opened the portal gate, the bitch queen took me through as her pet and the moment I laid eyes on this beautiful female, we were soul-seared.”

I try my best to force a smile. Soul-seared. The universe left me locked in my mind and gave him a soulmate mirrored to him perfectly in every way. “Calli mentioned that. It’s nice to meet you, Keyla.”

I study the woman before me, and my mind shorts out. She’s a girl. A young, Native American girl who barely looks old enough to move into her dorm room as a freshman at college—and she’s the queen of Dornte?


This series is my first from JL Madore and I have to say that I am officially a FAN! I want to read all of her books! This series is amazing! And one of the BEST RH I’ve ever read. This book was the first in Honors part of the series…I absolutely loved it! I love how her story is unfolding and the surprise twists and turns! I preordered the next book! Can’t wait to see what happens next! - Amazon Reviewer


Continue reading Honor Restored if you like:

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Gritty Action
  • Fated Mates
  • Shifters
  • Fierce Protectors
  • Strong Female Heroines 

Main Tropes

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Fated Mates
  • Rescue Romance
  • Grumpy/Sunshine


The reign of the usurper queen is over...

Since before the time of the Wars of Power, Thornebane siblings have ruled Dornte—the male as Guardian of the Quadrant and the female as the Guardian of the Crown.

Two years after my parents were murdered and their crown stolen, my brother reclaims leadership of the Dornte quadrant and rescues me from the prison she cursed me into.

My mentor is dead, my training incomplete, and my recent trauma more than I can deal with alone.

Thankfully, I’m not alone.

Intro Into Chapter One


I am Honor Thornebane, Princess of Dornte, Guardian of the Crown, younger sister to Creed. I am a strong mind guardian, and I will never give up my fight to free myself, my brother, and my quadrant. 
The bitch queen who kidnapped me and locked me in the prison of my own mind will never break me. 
I will never give up.
I take a beat and let my mantra sink in and do its work. A mind guardian locked in her mind isn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened. I am strong. I will find a way to break free from this curse.
Lately, the dark loneliness of mental isolation has been lessened by the presence of a presence I’ve come to call my sexy shadow. He started visiting infrequently at first, now he keeps me company and soothes my soul.
A distant brush against my synapse.
A probe to my thoughts.
A question to be answered.
I try to call him when I can’t bear the darkness but he comes and he goes on his terms. When he’s with me, things don’t seem so hopeless. 
Part of me finds it alarming that I’ve welcomed him with such acceptance. He is inside me, after all. He’s behind my walls. He knows me and sees things within me I would never show others.
I thought, at first, he might be an enemy trying to infiltrate. I don’t think that anymore. Since his visits started, the magical ties binding me to oblivion have started to give a little.
Coincidence? I think not.
I believe my sexy shadow is doing it.
My dark knight.
My knight in the darkness.
By now, the magic he wields tingles over my skin with an oddly familiar flavor to it. It awakens my cells and reminds me I’m alive. 
It’s a delight I crave—a sensual treat.
When he’s with me, I feel his erotic caress. 
He cares for me. He may not be able to speak to me in words, but he speaks to me in other ways. It’s in the strength he lends me. His persistence to fight the ties that bind me. The increased regularity of his visits.
And even though I no longer know if my body’s been locked in Laryssa’s lead vault for months or years, the presence of my sexy shadow breaks up the time and gives me hope.
I am Honor Thornebane, Princess of Dornte, Guardian of the Crown, younger sister to Creed. I am a strong mind guardian, and I will never give up my fight to free myself, my brother, and my quadrant. 
Bring it on, bitch. I’ve got this.

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