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Honor Guards

Honor Guards

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We return to the castle in a group of mixed emotions. Everyone is excited about my discovery in the Guardian’s Library and yet solemn because of the news about Shadow. I suggest Tundra and Dune take the out and go back to our suite but they decide to join Lukas, Brant, Calli, and me in the King’s Tower. 

Tundra doesn’t like the idea of being separated from me in case another goblin attack breaks out.

He is a sweet and considerate man.

A gentle giant.

Dune agrees, but I think he just doesn’t want to be shown up. I haven’t figured out who Dune is under all the bullshit, but I’m not giving up.

Keyla meets Creed and me at the entrance to the great room. She looks terribly sad and once again, I regret judging her so harshly over the past weeks.

Creed said she’s incredibly empathetic and omega sensitive like her brother. I can tell she’s not only worried about a friend but is burdened with his pain and suffering the same way she was with mine.

And I was an uncharitable bitch about it.

Today is a new day.


Masterful in the telling. Characters are amazing. All the pieces are falling into place. I love this series. Its perfection. Honor is brave, strong and inspiring. sexy times are hot. And the males are devoted to each other and their woman. Story has kept me intrigued and engaged. You should start this tale from the beginning. its so worth it. - Amazon Reviewer


Continue reading Honor Guards if you like:

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Gritty Action
  • Fated Mates
  • Shifters
  • Fierce Protectors
  • Strong Female Heroines 

Main Tropes

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Fated Mates
  • Rescue Romance
  • Grumpy/Sunshine


One who possesses me. Two who revere me. And one who needs me more than ever.

My mind is spinning. There’s so much I want to try, to feel, to do. I want to stay in bed forever...

Except, as the Guardian of the Crown, I have a quadrant to secure and a rebellion to stop. The illegal importing of weapons from the Human Realm has empowered the goblins, making them even more dangerous.

With the Amberloq forces in shambles and my training woefully incomplete, my mates help me ready for the battles ahead. Sure, they are strong, sexy, and strategic but when the battle line is drawn—I am the Guardian of the Crown.

Intro Into Chapter One

I am Honor Thornebane, Princess of Dornte, a strong mind guardian, and the Guardian of the Crown. I draw a deep breath and steady my nerves. I can do this. Trailing my fingers over the cool stone of the polished wall, I squint my eyes, struggling to adjust to the pitch darkness consuming the chamber ahead of me.
Being in this space sends a shiver of power up my spine. I can’t tell if it’s my power surging or energy from the Guardian Chronicles coming to greet me.
Either way, my cells are alive with anticipation.
There doesn’t seem to be a light switch. Then again, would a secret chamber hidden within the wall of the Guardian’s library be wired for electricity?
Something tells me no.
Well, there’s not much I can do or learn if I can’t see so there must be something here to illuminate my surroundings. I face the wall on my right and run my palms over the surface, searching for anything that could shed light on the situation.
Tundra found the entrance to this private annex and is certain the tools I need to learn about my role as the protector of the crown lay within.
“Does anyone know how to turn on the lights?” I call over my shoulder.
They’re all back in the library proper waiting for me to come into my own and be great—my brother… my bestie… the three men I’m seeing.
Holy schmoly… three men.
I’m out of my mind.
I slide my palm against the polished stone wall on the other side of the entrance corridor and find nothing there either.
My boots shuffle along the floor as I shift my weight to step deeper into the room. As a Guardian of the Crown, I grew up knowing I would be bound to three men—a representative from each of the Dornte quadrant biomes—the desert planes, the snowy peaks, and the forested jungle.
Taking them into my bed isn’t mandatory.
Partnering with them is.
After studying the way my mentor did things, I’ve decided to focus my reign by doing everything the opposite way. She chose her civilian lover over her biome generals.
I wouldn’t do that—not even for Lukas.
After he spent weeks breaking the curse of the Blood Witch and brought me out of my catatonic state we were linked. Bound. Then, when Tundra and Dune showed up, I couldn’t just walk away.
Lukas is part of me.
Thankfully, having spent the past months watching Calli and the Guardians of the Phoenix and then my brother Creed during his mating, Lukas was open to a polyamorous union.
And how sexy is that?
Seriously, he’s been so good about things. Understanding. Logical. Mature. Supportive.
I wonder how he’ll feel if the third general shows up.
Where is the general for the forested jungle?
Add that to the list of important questions that need answering. Along with, how do I revive the Amberloq forces? How do I stop the goblin rebellion and take down the man at the top of the dung heap, Ruic Breard? How will the union I have with Dune and Tundra change me? Oh, and a million other questions.
“How’s it going in there, Princess?” Dune asks.
“It would be better if I could see. Does anyone know how to turn on the lights in here?”
“The chamber is built to respond to you,” Tundra says. “You are the Guardian of the Crown. Connect with the magic of the room and command it.”
Command it? Easy for him to say.
Still, if Lukas is the go-to guy for all things magic and strategy, Tundra is the source of knowledge for all things Amberloq. He is a dedicated soldier and a devout follower of the canon.
“Command it,” I whisper, turning to press my palms against the wall.
Another surge of energy tingles through my fingers, across my hands, and up my arms. “Let there be light.”
I push my intention into the wall and envision the room responding to my will.
My surroundings are flooded with a warm, golden glow. I scan the room, studying the coffered ceiling above, and then take in the rest of the small, rectangular space. “Lights are on. Good one, Tundra.”
If they respond, I can’t hear them. My entire focus has shifted to understanding where I am.

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