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Honor Empowered

Honor Empowered

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As much as I'd love for the five of us to spend all our days and nights naked and isolated in Amberloq Hall, sadly that's not realistic. We’ve still got to track down Ruic Breard, wipe out the rebellion, build up the Amberloq, figure out Shadow’s oracle powers, and decipher what the end of his prophecy means.

The good news is, we're in good shape as a quint.

With the budding relationships taking hold and deepening into something meaningful, we're falling into step with one another as teammates.

Even with everything coming at us, I’m hopeful we have a real chance to get this right.

"Good morning." Demarco shuffles into the kitchen and scans the counter. “Oh, thank the gods, you made coffee.

I chuckle and point to the cupboard he needs to find himself a mug. People who look at him see an elderly man with short blond hair and a trimmed beard. What they don’t see is just how elderly he is.

Although, as draconians go, seven hundred isn’t that old. Unlike Rhylan, Demarco’s dragon race doesn’t shift into a dragon beast, he simply has the strength, wisdom, and longevity of his ancestry.

And a few parlor tricks.


JL Madore is one of the best authors I have read and trust me I own thousands and thousands of books I have read her series over and over and over again if you like passion and excitement and intrigue and family you're going to love her books start from the Phoenix rising and keep going until you done with the series it's worth every penny and it's worth every minute. I wish you'd be able to tell me what you think when you're done. A++++ - Amazon Reviewer


Continue reading Honor Empowered if you like:

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Gritty Action
  • Fated Mates
  • Shifters
  • Fierce Protectors
  • Strong Female Heroines 

Main Tropes

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Fated Mates
  • Rescue Romance
  • Grumpy/Sunshine


Four elite warriors. One fae princess to bind them. And a destiny to realize.

I had a rocky start to my appointment as Guardian of the Crown, but I am resilient and determined to seize the reigns of my destiny—even if it means going up against an evil man like Ruic Breard. But when a shocking discovery threatens my position—and the bonds I've created—I worry I won't be enough to lead my mates to the victory the quadrant needs.

Lukas, Tundra, Dune, and Shadow believe in me and are committed to help me stabilize the Dornte Quadrant.

But what if their confidence isn't enough? What if I'm not enough?

Intro Into Chapter One

I am Honor Thornebane, Princess of Dornte, Guardian of the Crown, and mate to Lukas, Tundra, Dune, and Shadow. To the citizens of the Fae Realm, the Dornte quadrant, and the people within the castle, I’m a symbol of leadership and protection. Not only a royal, I’m the one who heads up our quadrant’s elite fighting force—the Amberloq Warriors.
I am much more than that—at least to my mates.
And thank the stars for that.
When the five of us are alone in our suite, the veneers of our public personas are removed. Lukas isn’t the Director of Operations for the Fae Concealment office. Tundra and Dune aren’t the Amberloq Biome Guardians for the Snowy Peaks or Desert Plains. And Shadow isn’t a late-onset Fae Oracle with no training on how to handle that.
No. When we’re naked and keyed up and getting our horizontal hijinks fix, we are just us.
Growing up, I knew the possibility existed I could be matched with three Amberloq Biome Guardians to ensure the safety of the quadrant. My predecessor, my aunt, Princess Valorous, chose not to take that path.
The result was disastrous.
I push away thoughts of politics and the devastation of past mistakes and stay in the moment.
My point is, within the suite for the Guardian of the Crown, we are simply five people who have come together in a symbiotic, polyamorous mating.
Our home in Amberloq Hall is designed specifically for that purpose, and everything is supersized to take that into account. That suits us very well indeed because with two of my mates having seven-foot, head-to-toe wingspans, we need space in both our bed and our shower.
The five-person shower in our suite boasts adjustable jet sprayers—which Dune is currently playing with to hit all my erogenous zones—an angled bench on the back wall—where Shadow is currently bent over Lukas's lap sucking him off—and a few rubberized kneeling mats. Tundra is currently getting those in place at my feet, preparing for his advance.
Reaching over my head, Dune secures my wrists into the ceiling grips, and slides in behind me. I test the hold, my position ensuring the water from the overhead nozzles slides down my curves in warm streams.
Water cascading down bare flesh is hella sexy.
Tundra lifts my right leg and hooks it over his broad shoulder. When his mouth fuses on my core, I groan and grind against his ministration.
Tundra loves oral. No complaints here.
I arch back giving him the best possible access to my core. The fervent swipe of his tongue is glorious and since Dune has been ruthlessly teasing and toying with me, I need some targeted attention.
"Oh, yes! That. Thank you, T."
Dune chuckles next to my ear. "Is our boy taking advantage of my prep work? That hardly seems fair."
"Looks like you'll just have to find another playground, sandman."
"With pleasure." Dune reaches to the wall dispenser and gives the nozzle a couple of pumps.
After a few shower adventures, Dune decided that aside from the dispenser with the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, we needed a second one that he filled with lube.
"Any playground preferences?" Dune asks, eyeing me up and down as if inventorying his options.
"Consider me your territory to claim. Plant your flag, warrior." I know where he's headed before he slicks his fingers over the entrance to my ass.
Dune is an anal whore. He likes to play, fuck, and be fucked. There's nothing taboo to him. And if he's getting the green light, you can bet that's where he's headed. "Slecking hell, your ass is so sweet."
His fingers massage the crack of my ass as he presses up behind me, his cock hard against my flesh. A rush of cream warms my pussy and Tundra growls lapping and suckling and swallowing it down.
A zing of sensation hits me and the water falling from the showerhead makes my nipples peak even more. "Oh, you boys. So good."
Tundra slides two, long fingers inside me, and my internal muscles grip and pulse around him. At the same time, Lukas grunts over on the bench. His head is back, his jaw clenched, and the throaty panting of his release is an almost Pavlovian trigger to ramp me up.

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