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Hawk's Heart

Hawk's Heart

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Hawk’s plane touches down outside of Montclair, New Jersey at shortly after three in the afternoon. We divide into three SUVs. Hawk, Mama, and I take the wolves. Lukas is driving Jaxx, his dad, Doc, and Brant in the second truck. And Keyla’s two security guys are in the third truck with the two local FCO personal security officers who met us at the airport to watch over Jaxx’s parents.

“How long until we get to where we’re staying?” I’m not usually a ‘are we there yet’ kinda passenger, but it’s been a long and emotional day.

Hawk reaches over to where I sit in the shotgun seat and squeezes my hand. “Not five minutes. I chose the location specifically for its access to the airfield and because the cul de sac backs into the forest reserve. We’ll be there soon.”

I look past Maggie sitting in the middle to where the wolves are laying in the back of the truck. “I thought once we got on the plane and Kotah’s wolf knew he was safe, he’d relax enough to allow Kotah to come forward again.”

Mama reaches forward and takes my hand. “Give him time, sweet girl.”

“Time is something we’ve run out of,” Hawk says, following the GPS instructions to turn. “Someone tried to kill him. Was it an attack on the quint or the Prime in Waiting? And speaking of Kotah’s destiny, what do we do if the Prime dies before Kotah’s in control? If we can’t produce the Prime in Waiting for his coronation, we’ll be up shit’s creek.”

I chuckle but there’s no humor in it. “When are we not up shit’s creek? It seems to me we should know how to maneuver those particular rapids by now.”

“One would think.”


This series is fantastic. The story is well written and has kept me engaged in the 1st 4 books. The characters are different from each other, yet they work well as a unit. I am really looking forward to the final book in the series. - Amazon Reviewer


Continue reading Hawk's Heart if you like:

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Gritty Action
  • Fated Mates
  • Shifters
  • Fierce Protectors
  • Strong Female Heroines 

Main Tropes

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Fated Mates
  • Fish out of Water


The Phoenix has Risen. Things are getting hot.

The quint is aligned and as much as I hoped life would simplify once the five of us mated... it's a big 'Hells No' on that.
Don't get me wrong, the guys are great, with me, with each other. Sexy sparks are flying in every direction and having a front-row seat is enough to ignite me into flames—even if I wasn't a mythical firebird.

Now we need to get ahead of the chaos coming at us. Open the portal. Unite the realms. Everyone lives happily-ever-after.

But not everyone is as on board as they pretend. Who do we trust? Who's working against us? As we get closer to our goal, the opposing forces level up their attempts to keep us from fulfilling our destiny. Is it the Council? The Black Knight? Someone in the upper levels of the Fae Concealment Office? Whoever it is, they must be stopped before someone I love gets killed.

Intro Into Chapter One

There’s this incredible moment during sex when the tip of a male’s cock breaches the opening of his mate and then glides forward with a moist rush of pleasure. The fucking that follows is great too, but that singular moment never fails to steal my breath. I’ve experienced it while having sex with women and fae females for decades. Whether in their pussy, mouth, or ass, it was that same breath-stopping pleasure.
Breach… Thrust… And glide into succulent pleasure.
What I never expected was how good it would feel to be the one on the receiving end of a male’s cock. Hand to goddess, when Jaxx’s cock pushes past the constriction of my ass and glides inside me… I swear my heart stops.
There’s this moment of suspended time when everything in me shudders and I surrender with such succulence I am momentarily lost.
I’ve learned this is perfectly alright.
Nothing bad happens when I give up control. Jaxx doesn’t take advantage or make me feel weak or diminished for wanting to be dominated. If anything, I feel stronger.
I never expected giving up control would make me feel powerful. But it does—he does.
Jaxx fucks like an Olympic champion. And every spare moment that I’m not caught up in the drama and chaos of my roles of alpha mate, CEO of the Fae Concealment Organization, or investigator of whatever the fuckety-fuck is going on with the Black Knight and his crusade to frame me for crimes against my people, I’m obsessing about how and when he’ll fuck me next.
It’s distracting… but it’s the most erotic distraction I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Shit. That sounds bad.
Without a doubt, I’m totally, erotically distracted by Calli too… it’s just different.
With Jaxx, it’s… rougher, edgier. Raw.
Calli is a scorching hot need and I hunger to be inside her for my sanity and to keep my heart throbbing.
Jaxx keeps another organ of mine throbbing… and yeah, I’m so fucking into it, I’ve lost perspective.
“You good, hotness?”
The concern in Jaxx’s tone snaps me out of my sexual revelations and brings me back to the point of my distraction. He has me right where both of us want me, bent over the rise of the bondage couch with my knees locked open and my hands strapped down. “Yeah, perfect. I got lost in my dirty mind anticipating. Carry on.”
The sexy chuckle behind me has my cock twitching. “As long as you’re good.”
“One hundy percent. My only problem is that you’re not fucking me yet.”
There’s that chuckle again.
Jaxx is standing between the knee platforms, his thighs brushing the backs of mine as he drizzles heated oil on my back. With torturous care, he massages his way from my shoulder blades down to my ass crack. “So impatient, avian. Doesn’t your cock feel good in that trough?”
I pump against the silicone milking sleeve in the center of the vinyl cushion and swallow. He set the suction tight and when I move, it’s like my cock is being gripped for a rough rub and tug. “Yeah, it’s good.”
“But not what you’re jonesin’ for?”
“Not even close.” His hands are amazing, his fingers strong. He’s been reading up on sensual massage and Kama Sutra. It’s really, fucking paying off.
I close my eyes and try to breathe, reminding myself that he’s in charge. I surrendered control.
“Make a wish. Tell me what you want.”
“Your cock, my ass. Now.”
He chuckles, pulling the slide of the oil down to toy with the rim of my ass. “You are wound up tonight.”
“It’s been too long since Vancouver.”
“Agreed.” His slick thumb breaches the tight knot of flesh. I shudder, the warmth of pre-cum leaking into the sheath. I try not to pump my hips forward. I don’t want to be a chump and pump off before the action even gets started. “Do you want sexy slow or the bite of burn?”
I groan, my heart pounding at the base of my throat. “Burn. Hard and fast. Fuck me.”
After the heat of the oil, the lube is cold. The contrast is delicious. More thumb-fucking and then his engorged crown plays in place.
“You are sexy as fuck, you know that, right?”
The hand restraints clink as I pull back. I need him inside me to the point of me going feral. I want this more than I can make sense of. “Jaxx. Do you want me to beg? I’m losing my mind here.”
“No beggin’ necessary. If I wasn’t in the same position, I’d draw this out and torture you more. I’ll get to that later. First, I think I’ll fuck you senseless.”
Yes. That.
He thrusts his hips forward and penetrates me hard and fast. We both let off a throaty groan and I drop my forehead against the padded headrest. It’s perfect. I asked for bite and burn and he delivered.
The invasion isn’t gentle and the sharp twinge of pain from forcing my body to accept his cock is perfect.
He pauses for a second as we both settle and then grips my hips. “The safeword?”
Jaxx chuckles. “The most combustible element.”
“The kid’s not wrong. We’ve come close to combusting a few times.”
Jaxx unlocks his hips, withdraws a couple of inches, and slams home. The penetration is deep, and I push my forehead into the pad and brace myself.
“Test my limits, jaguar. No boundaries. If it enters your mind, I’m game to try it. I’m all yours.”

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