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Find the Fallen

Find the Fallen

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Mac and I remain set in our stance, our guns raised and aimed at the back wall of the antechamber we’re currently stuck inside. He points to the placard to the right of the joint of the wall. “If yer game, try yer finger magic on that panel and see what happens.”

“What makes you think anything will happen?”

“Weel, if it wasn’t Tundra or Dune who released the door, there’s a good chance it might’ve been you.”

“But I didn’t do anything.”

“Maybe not. Or maybe the fact that yer Elbirfae or Amberloq did somethin’ without yer knowledge. After all, this compound was built by yer kind and yer realm is peppered with magic and magical folk.”

I draw a deep breath. “And if it was me, and there is a door here, you’re putting me right in front of the opening with something or someone on the other side.”

“More likely the people who rushed out of here in such a hurry left things in disarray. The sound we heard could’ve been a tipped chair that fell or any number of things. In any case, we could get out of here and that’s what ye want, aye?”

“It is, but…”

“I’ll not let anything happen to ye, lass.”

Despite his reassurance, I’m sure he wouldn’t lose any sleep if something did happen to me. “I honestly don’t think I did anything.”

“Then we’ve got nothin’ to lose. Get well over to the side and give it a try.”


Lark’s story starts off strong. Love Mac and can’t wait to see him develop more. The super soldiers are super sexy as they learn and experience life. Am interested in Alpha and Beta and hope they are included in future books. - Amazon Reviewer

Continue reading Find the Fallen if you like:

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Gritty Action
  • Fated Mates
  • Shifters
  • Fierce Protectors
  • Strong Female Heroines 

Main Tropes

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Fated Mates
  • Forced Proximity
  • Rescue Romance


Guardians of the Fae Realms: an action-packed Fae Romance series by International Bestselling Author JL Madore!

The wars are over and it's time to rebuild the quadrant of Dornte.

Tasked to locate and secure a potentially dangerous group of super soldiers, I am eager to prove my value to my peers. As the newest and first-ever female Biome General appointed in the quadrant, all eyes fall on me. I may not have the military training they do, but I've been through a lot and know how to handle myself in difficult situations.

At least, I thought I did.

When Connor and I are ambushed by the three, our lives become linked in ways none of us could've imagined. The draw I feel to the warriors is not only undeniable but it's growing...and so is his.

From the moment Connor and I meet the Fallen our fates are sealed.

Intro Into Chapter One


Two years ago, no one knew our homes would be destroyed, our warriors exterminated, and our people slaughtered. When the forces came, the armies weren’t powerful, they were filthy, traitorous goblin thugs with the Blood Witch behind them and a corrupt bitch behind her, hell-bent on stealing the crown.
The Usurper Queen.
For two years that black-souled bitch terrorized the quadrant, allowing the greedy and corrupt to get rich while the citizens of Dornte suffered.
And then, the Phoenix was born.
Calliope Tanis, now known as Calli, was an ordinary street rat human who wrapped her car around a power pole and died.
That’s when the fae universe stepped in and changed the course of everything that followed.
Calli’s guardians were activated, they re-established the portal gate between the Human Realm and the Fae Realm of StoneHaven, and the Usurper Queen moved to expand her queendom. 
King Creed laid eyes on a young wolf wildling, fell in love, and found the strength to reclaim his throne. 
His sister, Honor, was rescued from her imprisonment in a lead vault and she reclaimed her place safeguarding the Crown of Dornte.
And then she and her mates, in turn, rescued me.
It boggles the mind when you think about it. If one of those things hadn’t happened… If Calli hadn’t figured out how to reunite the realms…
If King Creed hadn’t been able to take down the Usurper and the Blood Witch…
If Honor hadn’t sent her mates out to find survivors… maybe I, and the people I protected for two years, might still be imprisoned.
It’s mind boggling.
The Elbirfae elders believe it’s the will of the fae universe. I have no opinion on that either way. All I know is that after two years of living under the whip and blade of goblins, we’re free and I don’t know what to do with all the baggage I’m carrying.
I pump my wings and close my eyes, dropping toward the trees until I feel the pocket of air cool above the foliage. On instinct alone, I level out and skim the top of the canopy. The beauty of the Forest and Jungle Biome is making a comeback. 
The villages in the trees are being rebuilt, and the rubble of the homes of our past are being swallowed by the dense regrowth. But even as more and more of the evidence of violence disappears, and the people I protected begin to rebuild their lives, my anger and isolation never fade.
I thrust forward, my wings pumping hard, the muscles in my back aching from the hours of torment I’ve been putting them through. I close my eyes again, feel the wind hit my face, and pull my hair with the speed of my flight.
No matter how fast I fly or how hard I push, I can’t outrun the emotions churning inside me. I try to act civilized, but maybe I lost more than my freedom in those two years.
Flipping in mid-air to face the moons of Dornte, I give voice to my fury and scream. Long and loud, my cry fills the sky until my vocal cords ache. When I think I’ve scared enough birds from the treetops, I fall silent and focus on breathing.
They say this will pass.
I’ve spoken to a dozen of my people who spend time with the royal counselor, Shadow. He encourages them to feel their emotions, acknowledge what happened, and then leave it in the past.
I’ve never gone to speak to the blind Oracle myself. I can’t. I’m the one who holds everyone else together. If they knew I was as much of a mess as I am, they’d lose confidence in my leadership.
And if I spill my innermost terrors to Shadow, sure as shit Princess Honor will hear about it. I have no doubt patient confidentiality doesn’t apply to pillow talk. Shadow could share my instability with his mates and then I’d be screwed.
Arriving at Amberloq Hall, the security compound found on the grounds of Thornebane Castle, I land and draw a deep breath. The incursion team for tonight’s mission is relatively small—a security squad from the Human Realm, Princess Honor, her human mate, Lukas, and Tundra and Dune, two of her other mates, my Amberloq counterparts for the Snowy Peaks and Desert Biomes.
I’m both anticipating and anxious about tonight’s mission. They are all trained soldiers—I’m a survivor. Dune and Tundra are Amberloq warriors—I’m not. 
I’m not sure if everyone here knows I got the honorary position to lead my biome because I was the only Forested Jungle alpha left standing… but I know. 
And so do the Princess and her mates.

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