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Dark Crown

Dark Crown

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The four of us finish our breakfast and by the time I’m sliding a few things into a backpack, Lukas arrives and says we’re almost ready to roll. I look over the group and think ‘ready’ might be overstating things.

Rhylan is putting on a good front, but he’s hurting and feeling lost and betrayed. He didn’t elaborate on what Vikarus said to him this morning, but it cracked the foundation of his world.

Lukas checks his FCO watch and reads an incoming message. “The team leader for the four men watching the witch’s building confirms the redhead went into the building last night and has yet to come out. It’s safe to assume she either has a lover living there or she lives there herself.”

“Has your mating beacon given you any other directions for us to follow?” Rhylan asks.

I focus on the buzz in my blood that has been part of me since the moment I first laid eyes on Creed. In that moment, a lightning bolt of fae energy lit me up from the inside and it is still crackling with power.

It’s not nearly as invasive or persistent as it was, but it has never gone away. “It has more to say but not right now. It seems content at the moment.”

Creed chuckles. “If you can consider a magical beacon of the universe content.”

Doc grins. “It’s better than discontent.”

“That’s very true.” I finish with the backpack and Doc slings it over his shoulder. “So, are we ready?”


I have loved every book in this universe to date, and I see no reason to give anything other than a glowing review. With everything that has gone on for this quad, they deserve the ending you gave them while leaving room to keep exploring if you feel the need! Its going to be a rough two months waiting for Honors story to begin, but I "think" I have come up with who the start of her rh will be. - Amazon Reviewer


Continue reading Dark Crown if you like:

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Gritty Action
  • Fated Mates
  • Shifters
  • Fierce Protectors
  • Strong Female Heroines 

Main Tropes

  • Poly Romance w/ MM
  • Fated Mates
  • Forbidden Love
  • Forced Proximity


A curse to break. A witch to find. A quadrant to rule.

After two years of being separated and held at the mercy of a usurper queen, Creed is in a position to reclaim his throne. Honor is recovered. Our mating quad is complete. Now all we have to do is repair the damage to the Dornte quadrant and pull it all together.

The citizens want safety. And freedom. And the restoration of the royal family.

We're determined to give them that and more.

But even as things turn around for the four of us, strife in the lives of those we love keep us fighting for our happily ever after. Doesn't matter. We're a lock and it'll be worth the fight in the end.

Intro Into Chapter One

Standing on the dais of the throne room in Thornebane Castle, my mates, my family, and I look out upon the anxious faces of traitors, cowards, and the tormented. The opulence of the space, packed with close to three hundred fae citizens, is everything I’m accustomed to having grown up a princess of another realm.
The people packing the room are not.
The sea of bodies is as different in size, shape, color, and species as they could be. In the Human Realm, the fae community consists of those who naturally pass as human or those who have the magical ability to glamor themselves to remain unseen.
The population of the Fae Realm is everyone that excludes… gnomes, nymphs, forest folk, dragons, etc.
“I’m sure, many of you are wondering why I’ve called you all together,” Creed says, his deep voice projected to reach the ears at the back of the room. “Some of you have surely heard rumors. Others might know firsthand, but I am pleased to announce that three days ago, in a battle fought in the Travon badlands, Laryssa the usurper of our quadrant was put down and eliminated from this life.”
There’s a rush of murmuring through the crowd and Creed gives them a moment to settle. “I won’t apologize for her death, in fact, I celebrate it. Over the past two years, she has held my sister hostage and bound me to submission with the threat of killing Princess Honor and my mother should I resist.”
Watching the crowd, I’m happy to see so many horrified looks flashing around the room. Most of them weren’t aware of the depths of Laryssa’s treachery.
“I learned only days ago that the threats against my mother were hollow. Our beloved Queen Thornebane perished the night of the rebellion and progressed to the Sacred Grove alongside my father.”
An outpouring of sadness and sympathy fills the air.
“However, with the help of my new mates and the Phoenix Quint, I am relieved to inform you Princess Honor was recovered and Laryssa’s leverage over me ceased to hold power. My bride and her family helped rescue my sister and end Laryssa’s madness. Dornte is once again under the rightful rule of the Thornebanes.”
There is an uproar of cheering.
The majority of his people look relieved and excited, but some definitely don’t.
“To those who acted against me, be warned. Over the next few days and weeks, I will interview each one of you personally. As a powerful Mind Guardian, I will weed out those loyal to Laryssa, those of you who plotted in the initial uprising against my family, and those of you who don’t celebrate my return to power. If you fall under any of those categories, this is your only warning—get the fuck out of my castle.”
No one moves, but I smell the acrid burn of fear rising in the air. It offends my wolf. I growl and let her ascend until my eyes glow gold.
“I offer you this warning as a kindness not given to my parents. Consider yourself lucky to leave with your life. Get out of my home and my quadrant. Do it quickly or you will join the bitch queen you favored.”
My wolf surges forward, howling inwardly in support of my mate’s unyielding stance.
“For everyone else, know this… I understand how Laryssa manipulated, threatened, and forced her will upon innocents. I was not the only victim of her malicious ways. For you, I extend my understanding and forgiveness. Stay. We will heal these wounds together.”
“Blessed be, King Creed,” someone yells from the back. The room breaks out in the echoes of support and well-wishes.
After a moment, Creed lifts his hands to quiet the crowd. “I appreciate your encouragement, I truly do, but it’s too early to celebrate. We have cut the head off the snake holding us in her coils but a great many wealthy, ambitious, and corrupt people supported Laryssa. They won’t appreciate me returning the power of choice and freedom to the citizens of Dornte. Be hopeful but remain vigilant. There are still battles to be fought.”
I slide my arm around his hip and hug tight to his side and then I gesture to Dillan and Rhylan at our sides and Kotah and his mates at our backs. “But those battles won’t be fought alone. Rest assured, the magic of fae destiny bonded us together for a purpose. We honor and embrace our place supporting your realm.”
“It’s your realm too now, my queen,” Creed smiles down at me and the love and relief in his obsidian eyes make my wolf howl.
“Kiss her, King,” someone yells.
He grins at me. “Do you mind?”
I chuckle. “Mind you kissing me or being ogled by three hundred people while you do it?”
I reach up on my toes and tilt my head back. Creed has an aggressive, alpha way about him that steals my breath and dampens my panties. He wraps his arms around me and claims my mouth.
There’s no hesitation about the propriety of this being a public display. He kisses me here as he kisses me behind closed doors—with passion.
The moment our lips touch and I smell his desire, my wolf and I are lost to the primal pull of our searing. The fae universe paired our souls as a perfect match of perfect mates.
We complete one another.
We complement one another.

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